Welcome to Forward Design. Forward Design develops useful and fun Windows based destkop applications and utilities. Please find all of our products listed below.

Backup Boomerang

  Backup Boomerang automatically backs up all of your important files to a secure online server. Backup Boomerang will even allow you to send large files to anyone with just the click of the mouse. Visit the Backup Boomerang website and try it for free.


  FilePC will allow you to send large files to anyone with just the click of the mouse. FilePC will even back up all of your important files to a secure online server. Visit the FilePC website and try it for free.

Pixel 3D

  Pixel 3D is the easiest way possible to create high quality 3D graphics for web site construction or imaging work. A powerful but easy to use feature set makes the task of creating 3D graphics a quick and easy one.   Pixel 3D
Size: 4.43 MB

Mouse Magic

  Mouse Magic adds trails that move with your mouse all the time, not just web pages! Download Mouse Magic get over 500 tails for your mouse instantly!   Mouse Magic
Size: 1.41 MB

Sketch Effect

  Sketch Effect will instantly take any picture and transform it into a work of art! Start with any picture, choose your effect, and let Sketch Effect do the rest! Sketch Effect includes six high quality effects such as Picture Mosaic, Van Gogh painting, and Colored Pencil.

  Sketch Effect
Size: 4.55 MB

Popup Hitman

  Tired of popup windows? Then take out a contract on them with Popup Hitman! Not only will Popup Hitman 'take care of' popup windows, but Popup Hitman will also automatically center all of your new IE windows for you.

  Popup Hitman
Size: 178 KB

Wilderness Dreams Screensaver

  Watch as a different tranquil and beautiful wilderness scene is created every time. Choose from extremely realistic Oak, Birch and Pine trees. Spring, Autumn and Winter options change the mood to suit the season.   Wilderness Dreams
Size: 228 KB

Psychedelico Screensaver

  Watch as incredible shapes of light dance on your screen. Fly down a tunnel at turbo speed, or watch spashes of color swing in every direction. A feast for the eyes, plus a custom interface, it's simply Psychedelico!   Psychedelico
Size: 142 KB

ArtShow Screensaver

  ArtShow let's you use your own pictures as your screensaver! Seven transitions are of the finest quality and include such exciting effects as Van Gogh painting, Mosiac Fade, Picture Mosiac, Picture Slide and many more!   ArtShow
Size: 271 KB


  Do you own a Sony Mavica digital camera? If so, you need Mavicazam! Mavicazam makes it easy to copy all your photos from diskette to your computer. Plus, Mavicazam lets you view, print, email, resize, lighten, darken, delete, and copy your pictures, all with just the click of a mouse!   Mavicazam!
Size: 966 KB


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